Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo

Maker Monsters 2

Episode Summary

We’re back again with our maker monsters and this time we are unpacking imposter syndrome and fear or rejection. Cousins (or siblings) that often hold us back from our next creative quest.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we follow multimedia journalist Natalia Aldana, organizer and artist Aisha White, podcaster and indie creator Jay Clouse, and we hear from marketing legend Joe Pulizzi as they (and me, Jay Acunzo) learn to navigate how these maker monsters attempt to take hostage their (and our) sense of self worth. 

So many of us conflate our professional success with personal worth, so what happens when we don’t believe in ourselves or  we are paralyzed by potential rejection? And how can we all keep fighting back and overcome our own maker monsters? 


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Natalia Aldana is a multimedia journalist and international news editor. She is an audio producer for Al Jazeera’s podcast, The Take after working for The Ezra Klein Show and Recode Decade. She reports on stories around crime and justice, immigration, politics and music. 

Aisha White is a cultural organizer, artist, and researcher focused on community building and social impact. Her personal work is built around public health and fellowship.  

Joe Pulizzi is an entrepreneur and marketing speaker and entrepreneur. Joe has founded multiple startups including The Tilt and is the author of several books including the best-selling Content Inc. 

Jay Clouse hosts the podcast Creative Elements and builds projects to serve fellow creators.  He's also the head of community at Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn.


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