Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo

The Paradox of Exceeding Expectations

Episode Summary

If you work through the logic, you arrive at a shocking conclusion: If you exceed expectations even one time, you launch a spiral towards unreasonable, impossible work. But if we were to re-think what "exceed expectations" means, we'll uncover something far more in our control. It's not about one sliding scale of competency pushed ever further out. It's about something else entirely.

Episode Notes

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Hosted by author and keynote speaker Jay Acunzo, Unthinkable is a sweet-sounding, story-style show exploring conventional thinking that forms in our work and sharing stories of the people who dare to question it. From big brands like Disney/ESPN and Slack to fast-risers like Death Wish Coffee and InVision to craft-driven makers and marketers in the arts, real estate, design/illustration, content marketing, public speaking, books, comedy, and a ton more, we travel to the far reaches of the business world to dig up stories you've never heard, revealing ideas you'd never considered. It's all focused on breaking from conventional thinking to think for ourselves in our work. It's Unthinkable.


Jay Acunzo is an author, keynote speaker, and a critically acclaimed show host and executive producer.

As a digital media strategist at Google, Jay was previously responsible for pushing marketing executives and practitioners into the digital age. He then held multiple leadership positions at high-growth tech startups, including HubSpot, and served as Vice President of Brand at the venture capital firm NextView.

Jay’s work has been cited in courses at Harvard Business School and by writers at the New York Times, the Washington Post, FastCompany, Fortune, Forbes, and more. He’s been called a “creative savant” by Salesforce and was named to the city of Boston’s “50 on Fire” list.

Today, Jay travels the world delivering keynotes and producing/hosting episodes of docuseries about creative work as the founder of Unthinkable Media.